Is Code Free Speech?

By: Jan Strandberg This week has been challenging for crypto, especially the decentralized blockchain ecosystem. We have seen one of the most prominent players, Tornado Cash, come under attack by the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control). The whole thing started with OFAC first banning Tornado Cash addresses, then the website and later on prohibiting […]

Tokenized Real World Assets, The New Paradigm In Crypto

By: Jan Strandberg When I started my crypto journey in 2011, my ideas were centred around digital currencies and digital products. I was a hardcore evangelist of everything digital. I remember thinking you won’t need anything physical in the future, and everything will be virtual. I remember having arguments with many intelligent people about why […]

Metaverse The Secret Boiling Trillion Dollar Industry

By: Jan Strandberg Right off the bat, let me assure you that this is not clickbait. This article summarizes my theory about why all the big companies are going so balls deep on metaverse and why Meta ( Facebook ) is making every dork’s wet dream come true. And why the holy technocrat Elon is betting […]

Don’t Lose Hope, Look At The Use Cases 

By: Jan Strandberg Just when you thought the market couldn’t get any worse after the Terra Luna fiasco, things went haywire. First, the rumours about Celsius getting rekt, and then you have one of the leading VCs / market makers, 3AC getting hit and liquidated. Oh, and if this wouldn’t be enough, the Night King […]

Get off the sideline. Now is the time to buy crypto companies. 

By: Jan Strandberg Why do I think this is the perfect time for TradFi to buy crypto companies? And why do I think the Layer 1 grants should be used for M&A activity instead of just building the same copy-paste sh**? Last year, we all saw massive sums of money pouring into the Tech space. […]