Acquire.Fi is where Investing and Web3 intersect, creating a new wealth building paradigm for all.

Home to exclusive crypto, blockchain, NFT and Web3 M&A deal flow while ushering in a new inclusive era of wealth creation through acquisitions using blockchain and digital assets.

Real World Asset NFTs

Investors can harness a new wealth building platform that diversifies portfolios with real world asset ownership using NFTs.

Acquire.Fi is a Web3 M&A ecosystem where fractionalized ownership of real world assets is being pioneered.

Acquire.Fi is a global investor community crowdfunding diversified investments and remaining on the blockchain.

Real World Yield & Dividends

Acquire.Fi Investment Pools can own profitable businesses that distribute quarterly profits and investors can receive those payments on the blockchain.

Stake and Earn $ACQ

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Staking the Acquire.Fi utility token $ACQ opens up many opportunities. Now you can provide liquidity on Uniswap and stake ACQ LP tokens and start earning $ACQ* rewards. You’ll reap the benefits of ACQ staking in just two minutes from start to finish.

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Acquire.Financial Freedom

Acquire.Fi is introducing fractionalized ownership of crowdfunded investments through NFTs.

Making Investing Inclusive

Investment pools and crowdfunding, plus asset digitalization, allows for fractionalized investing and precise distribution of benefits to all investors, from $100 to $100M, using NFTs.

Seamless DeFi to TradFi Integration

DeFi investors can fund traditional acquisitions in our investment pools using crypto, remaining on-chain within the Acquire.Fi ecosystem.

Liquid Assets

Acquire.Fi NFTs are liquid immediately on our secondary marketplace.

Grow Wealth Together

Join a powerful global community of investors that are harnessing the potential of a new wealth building ecosystem – an M&A marketplace for Web3, crypto, blockchain and NFT companies or IP, plus crowdfunded investments with fractionalized ownership.

Web3 Deal Flow

Connecting TradFi and DeFi for M&A investing through our  marketplace and crypto, blockchain, NFT and Web3 deal flow.

Investment Pools

Our investment pools make creative wealth building inclusive to all investors and provide a platform to diversify crypto portfolios through acquiring just about anything.

Exclusive M&A Opportunities

The hallmark of our exclusive deal flow is sort of a “backstage pass” to unpublished deals, confidential M&A alpha, plus our investor matchmaking.

Fractionalized Ownership

Through special purpose acquisition vehicles and NFTization, crowdfunded acquisitions can be fractionalized and distributed using NFTs.

Buyer Support

We help buyers acquire the business or IP they are looking for. Do you want an NFT marketplace on Polygon and don’t see it in the marketplace? Let us know, we source deals.


Investment pool NFTs represent ownership of the fraction of the asset(s) acquired and are sellable on a secondary marketplace.

Native Web3 M&A Expertise

We help Web3 company owners with all stages of the acquisition process and provide due diligence and valuation services that were designed for the intricacies and nuances native to tokenized tech companies and IP.

Financial freedom

Create wealth building opportunities for all levels of investors in an open, global and inclusive platform to build financial freedom and individual sovereignty. 

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Platform Features

Vetted Deals

We conduct pre-listing Web3 Due Diligence to ensure the quality of our marketplace listings and investment pools.

Exclusive M&A Opportunities

Our backstage pass is exclusive access to unpublished deals and our investor matchmaking service for top tier holders.

Investment Pools

Build a portfolio of acquisitions through crowdfunding and fractional ownership.

Buyer Support

We help business and IP buyers find what they are looking for using our native reach to make connections, ask us!

Web3 Business Valuation Services

Valuing tokenized companies requires deep financial and technical knowledge, legal resources and M&A expertise.

Web3 Due Diligence

M&A due diligence services that include comprehensive acquisition reports with Web3 nuances and intricacies.

Acquire.Fi Premium Services

Business Valuation.

We provide comprehensive valuation services to help you make informed decisions in matters such as mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, financial reporting, litigation support, and more. Our team is equipped to provide you with customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Due Diligence.

Benefit from our pre-listing mandatory due diligence. Full due diligence, analysis and reporting can be provided as a white glove service.

Media Services.

Gain from our marketing services, including content writing, video creation, company pitching, social media support, and more. With Acquire Fi’s reach well into 6-figures across platforms
Acquire Fi’s Corporate Development as a Service will be the first of its kind. CDaaS helps businesses identify, evaluate, and execute strategic initiatives that drive growth and profitability. It involves a range of activities, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), divestitures, joint ventures, partnerships, and strategic investments. Our Corporate Development professionals work closely with senior management to understand the company’s overall strategy and growth objectives.
Corporate Incubator Web 2 & 3
Acquire FI’s incubator uses proven models for creating new businesses and products by leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit and agility of startups, combined with the resources and expertise of your Corporation and our team. We work with you to build a customized incubator program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals, and branded with your company’s identity helping any team navigate Web 3 with success.
Access to largest Web 3 Investor Network (Ready)
Introducing Acquire Fi’s tiered investor network. Composed of registered buyers, universe of direct connections, and the largest vetted landscape of Investors down to the perfect point of contact. The benefits of the network, provide access to a diverse range of buyers/investors, the ability to connect with other investors, and the potential for high closing rates.
AI Augmented Automation (In Development)
Tired of sifting through hundreds of potential deals to find the ones that are truly worth your time and investment? Acquire Fi’s AI augmented Deal Flow service can help.  We use advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and identify the most promising investment opportunities for you. Our algorithms are trained on a wide range of data sources, including news articles, social media, financial statements, market trends and the most proprietary Web 3 deal flow to ensure that we identify the most relevant and timely deals.

Core Team

Acquire.Fi is the result of a disruptive collaboration between a crypto unicorn builder, an M&A wealth building legend, Web3 legal counsel plus a proven NFT and DeFi protocol developer, all incubated in a boutique crypto marketing agency and growth lab by founders.

Jan Strandberg

Chief Executive Officer

Jan Strandberg

Former Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder of YIELD App, which reached $500 million of managed assets within six months of public launch. As former Head of Marketing at Paxful, Jan oversaw the growth of the customer base to more than 4.5 million and annual revenue to over $2 billion.
Harrison Frye

Chief Growth Officer

Harrison Frye

Seasoned professional in the fields of e-commerce, blockchain, and crypto payments. Founder of ProfitCommerce, a consultancy firm specializing in crypto marketing. Headed up the growth and exposure planning for a DeFi insurance protocol.

Amro Shihadah

Experienced M&A specialist and founder of multiple applied AI startups with successful exists and valuations of over $250M. Fund manager working with tier 1 Web3 VCs and startups and a frequent speaker on these topics.

Chief Technology Officer

Nassim Bouslama

Founder of, a platform providing comprehensive tools for the BSC ecosystem. With a background in Computer Science and Cisco Networks, Nassim also founded Blockcast and has been developing blockchain since 2011.
Marina Danylyuk-Kerem


Marina Danylyuk-Kerem

14+ years of professional experience in commercial, corporate, and criminal law. 7+ years working with fintech and blockchain companies. Chief Legal Officer at Travolier, International Liaison of the Hong Kong Blockchain Society, and Legal advisor at the Swiss Blockchain Legal.

Ken Mack

Chief Acquisitions Officer

Ken Mack

16 years of M&A experience in the traditional finance sector, specializing in leveraged buyouts of SMEs. Ken has built a network of over 160,000 investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners, and is the creator of the successful M&A Business Buying Bootcamp.

Crypto m&a and venture stats for 2021

Market Validation

$ 25.1 billion

In venture funding allocated


Crypto/Blockchain venture deals

$6 billion

Crypto M&A volume


M&A Year-over-year increase


Token Name
Token Type
Token Supply
Hard Cap
Angel Price
Seed Price
Privete 1 Price
Private 2 Price
Public (tierer avg.)
Initial Circ. supply
Initial market cap
T. diluted mkt cap
Estimated listing date
Sept, 2022
3.00 %
Starts 270 days after TGE, 15 months, daily interval
8.50 %
Starts 180 days after TGE, 18 months, daily interval
2.50 %
Starts 75 days after TGE, 12 months, daily interval
6.50 %
Starts 60 days after TGE, 11 months, daily interval
Private 1
11.50 %
Starts 45 days after TGE, 10 months, daily interval
Private 2
6.00 %
Starts 30 days after TGE, 10 months, daily interval
Public (tiered avg.)
2.00 %
15% TGE liquidity, 6 months, daily interval
10.00 %
10% TGE liquidity, 12 months, daily interval
15.00 %
12 months, daily interval
30.00 %
12 months, daily interval
8.50 %
12 months, daily interval
Total Raise Amount


Alan Boyd Advisor

Alan Boyd

Alan Boyd is a tech investment pioneer who helped shape the sector as Manager of Product Development at Microsoft under Bill Gates. After Microsoft’s IPO, he was hired by China to acquire tech for their ecosystem. He has expertise in AI, HPC, and next-gen networks.

David Cohen

David Cohen

David A. Cohen is a renowned advisor in the Decentralized Software and Blockchain/Crypto industries, with successful exits worth over $1 billion. He is now the Founder/CEO of Taekion, building blockchain solutions for Fintech, Defense, Smart Grid, and other enterprise applications.

Xander VanScoyk

Xander VanScoyk owns and operates Evoz Ventures and is focused on Web3, payments, and metaverse projects in the blockchain industry. Investing in 15 early-stage projects from March 2022-2023 and helping 3 accelerator companies with 40-50 million in revenue scale and improve operations.

Coach JV

Coach JV, former Wells Fargo VP, is now a top crypto and mindset coach. He helps break the “just over broke” mindset and build wealth-generating assets. JV is an author, podcast host, social media influencer with 1 million subscribers, and a leader featured by Yahoo Finance.

Wulf Kaal

Expert in law, business, and tech with previous experience at Cravath and Goldman Sachs. Published over 100 articles and a book on DAO governance. Founder of multiple successful DAOs, including $250M DEVxDAO and DAO communities.


MARCH-April 2022

Seed/Angel Raise

April-june 2022

Private 1 Raise

july-aug 2022

Private 2 Raise

September 2022

Token Generation Event

October-december 2022

Team Expansion

Q3 2023

Platform MVP

Stake for Rewards, Buy/sell function, Listing application, Valuation Calculator, User Panel, Broker Panel, Investment Pools, LP Farming

Q3 2023

Real World Businesses Acquire Pools

january-february 2023

Platform v2

Smart Contracts, Web3 Functionality, Proof of Funds, IP Licensing, Crowdfunding Functionality

january 2023

Silver Acquire Pool

Q4 2023

RWA Acquire Pools

Q4 2023

Multichain integration

Q1 2024

Multi-chain Escrow

Q2 2024

Decentralized Marketplace

Q4 2024

Launch Acquire.Fi DAO